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• CYBER AFFAIRS is a Product of CyberLawPioneers .
• First publication of CYBER AFFAIRS has inaugurated by Mr. Ankit Fadia (well known name in IT).
• It’s India’s first magazine which covers legal aspect of all technical things.
• All team members of Cyber Affairs is expert of Cyber Law and Technology.
• Not only Ankit Fadia even ADGP and IG of state Cyber police praise this magazine and taking support of CyberLawPioneers team in his work.

Need of Cyber Affairs

• These days everything going online like how to make poha to buy any car, pay your mobile bill to pay your dinner bill etc.
• From a child at age 8(cyber sexting) to a old person age 80(cyber defamation, banking fraud) all are on target.
• In this Digital era we need to protect technically as well as legally in cyber space like computer, internet, mobiles, and other electronic device.
• To fulfill our this need here’s Cyber affairs- a magazine which covers all aspect of cyber space. This magazine make you learn how cop up with cyber crime and how make your self and your organization more protected.

About Magazine

CyberLawPioneers provides you a “Cyber Affairs” magazine with the best knowledge and information about cyber space. The information based on computer, internet, Hacking, online fraud, banking fraud, E commerce issues, cyber security, cyber law and cyber crime. Through this magazine we are trying to deliver awareness among the people about the electronic/cyber world, how the people can safe himself on the internet and know the activities, disputes etc, of cyberspace. Magazine delivers the updates like the current scenario, news, article, security guidelines, cyber security tool (hardware and software tools). We provide the complete information on the activities of internet or cyberspace like internet banking disputes, credit card fraud, cyber crime, mobile phone crime, IPR issues, domain name disputes etc, with technical as well as legal aspect.


In current scenario, Individuals, groups and companies are doing business online. They provide easy facilities to their customer and approach them by different ways. Many times they perform illegal or offensive activities unknowingly.
The main objective of magazine is to provide the awareness about e-commerce, e-governance, technical crimes, cyber rights, IPR rights and legal procedure of cyber law. The information is based on technical as well as legal knowledge.

Target Reader

As looking to current scenario CYBER AFFAIRS is need of everyone to be protected and survive in Cyber space. And We are collecting the information like news, articles, disputes and current updates regarding e-commerce, e-governance, IPR and IT policies of government to make it useful to almost all.

• Software developer
• Lawyers  
• Law enforcement agencies.
• Institutes  
• Students  
• Technical as well as legal employee
• Government body  
• General people
• E-commerce users
• PSC students
• Bank employees.


• You can buy Cyber Affairs directly by your near book stationary
• You can read Cyber Affairs in renounce library of your city like swami vivekand library, NLIU’s library etc.
• You can take this magazine directly from the office of CyberLawPioneers
• You can take Membership of Cyber Affairs
• You can order a magazine on our Website


• To be a membership of Cyber Affairs You have to inform us that you are interested by calling or mailing us

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One Year 4 200/-
Two Year 8 400/-
Three Year 12 600/-
Five Year 20 1000/-

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