Cyeber Law Consultancy

We handle high value financial , credit card, online & telecom frauds, criminal cases which include electronic evidence and civil litigation. We take software piracy, data theft, e-commerce, facebook abuse, fraud related cases. We also provide Litigation Support and give Expert Opinion. We are design special training and awareness project for government to regulate e-governance operations.

We offer consultancy in following fields:

Cyber Law Pioneers assists you with all type of remedies available in the world of cybercrime(criminal, civil & administrative). We provide a systematic approach in a disciplined manner to fight back the reported cybercrime, this may include, lodging a complaint, mining admissible E-evidences, forensic assistance, pre-court procedure assistance, legal writing for prosecution & vice versa and an all-time intellectual support for further proceedings. The main aim of Cyber Law Pioneers is to create awareness about cybercrime, in the mind of people. Because mostly cybercrime happened due to lack of awareness and the victim of cybercrime not know that how to face cybercrime.

1. Legal litigation in matter of Cyber Crimes.

2. Online and Banking frauds.

3. Civil disputes under the IT Act, 2000.

4. Drafting for cybercrimes, electronic evidence and matter for adjudicating officer. 5.Criminal cases 6.IPR violations in E-world 7.IT Domain consultancy: E-contract, software license agreement, internet usage policy and employer-employee agreement preparation.